About Us

1st Needs Medical is a durable medical equipment and related medical supplies company dedicated to bringing affordable medical products to your patients. As a company that leverages technology and logistics, we are able to deliver products to patients in a timely and convenient manner. In today’s world, we believe that patients, families and caregivers desire the benefit of conveniently accessing products via desktop and mobility with the trust that delivery of the products will be in a timely manner. Through use of technology, 1st Needs Medical can provide healthcare providers the ability to recommend durable medical equipment or related medical supplies that can be searched in real-time whether at the site-of-care, home, or remote locations.

1st Needs Medical’s mission is to provide quality durable medical equipment and related medical supplies to patients, families, and care givers via e-commerce. We are dedicated to becoming a trusted partner with the healthcare clinician because we recognize that many of your patients would benefit from having durable medical equipment and/or related medical supplies delivered directly to their doorstep. We also recognize that technology has an expanded role in patient’s care. 1st Needs Medical can provide innovative support to the clinician by being an extension of a new service where patients and families can easily find affordable products that have been recommended or prescribed by the clinician for their needs.

At 1st Needs Medical, we recognize that convenience is integral to the customer satisfaction. Our goal is to satisfy customers with quality products and timely delivery. In many situations, traveling to the traditional storefront business is not the most viable option when a patient, family member, or caregiver is in need of medical equipment or related supplies. By visiting www.1stneedsmedical.com or conveniently downloading the free app, patients can search through a catalog of products that meet their medical needs. The 1st Needs Medical technology enables this be done at your fingertips via smartphone or other mobile device with functionality that looks and feels like you’re shopping from a desktop computer.

Address: 80 M ST SE Washington DC 20003

NAICS:423450, 424210, 425120, 333314, 333249